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  • Java-программирование, #1.1, Конференц-зал
20 апреля 12:30

о докладчике
Бугаенко Егор Zerocracy, Пало-Альто

Yegor is a CEO of Zerocracy, an author of Elegant Objects book series about OOP, and a hands-on Java developer.

Is Java Getting Better?

The Java programming language is growing, getting new features every new version. Some of them are coming from a functional programming paradigm, some from procedural one. How does it affect the object-orientation of Java? Do we lose the OO spirit or we gain it? Do we need it in the first place, if everything works just fine without it? I’ll try to analyze the changes Java introduced over the last years, since its version 1.6, and find out which of them are making the language better or worse.

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